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I've traveled this country inside and out a dozen times, and my biggest observational takeaway is that people are, well...unequivocally fascinating to photograph. Posed or candid, freezing a raw moment of time in their life is impossible to replicate. Everyone has a unique story, and so should a photo.
Personal and professional photography experiences over the years have taught me a myriad of lessons, but the most educational of them all to date has been the importance of fervently embracing a niche, confidently adopting it as if it were yours, and disregard anyone or any situation that attempts to deflate your self-assurance.
Regardless if it's an event, an editorial piece, or just getting lost walking down an unfamiliar street, I observe with the goal of telling a story, not just taking a photograph.
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Home Base: Orlando, FL
Education: B.S. Journalism (University of North Florida); M.S. Internet Marketing (Full Sail University); Post-Grad Cultural Studies (FSU/London Campus)
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